Roller Shutters.

Features and benefits of roller shutters


Keep out noise vandals and prying eyes

Climate Control

Stop heat moving through window glass, in or out

Energy Savings

Reduces strain on heating and cooling systems

Light Control​

Full light to total blackout the choice is yours

Shutter Systems

Max width = 3600mm
Max Area = 7.7m2
Foam filled Aluminium blade
Not fire or cyclone rated

A full range of accessories and spare parts are available. From packing the shutter out from the wall to finishing angles and extra control parts.


Wh Available At Pos Nobackgro (2)
Roller Shutter 03

Control Systems

All Systems are remote controlled there is a choice of source power


– DIY install
– No electrician required
– Works during blackout


– Easiest DIY install
– Works during blackout
– 1 hour of direct sunlight
equals 1 week of normal operation


– Electrician required
– Smart home compatible
– Fully integrates into house
circuitry for premium finish

Colour Range

All frames are powder coated for long lasting performance. Standard colours shown.

Bunnings Cream


Powder Coating 5 Year Warranty H5

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