When to install your pool fence

When to install your pool fence

If you’ve been thinking about installing a pool, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “When do I need to install the pool fence?”

It’s a good question. To ensure you comply with the law and, of course, to help keep you and your family safe, it is important to understand your requirements.

In most states and territories, a pool fence is required when a swimming pool or spa has a depth of 300mm (30cm) or greater. This includes pools where rainwater can accumulate without self-draining. So, even if your pool is yet to be filled with water, it will still need a pool fence.

If a new pool is filled with water to a depth of 300mm during construction it is categorised as a functioning swimming pool and must have a temporary barrier placed around it. The temporary barrier must remain in place until a permanent barrier is installed.

Above ground pools, inflatable pools, wading pools and portable spas are not exempt and, if filled to a depth of 300mm or greater, also require a compliant pool fence.

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Everton glass pool fence

Unsure? Check with your local council or building authority.

Pool fencing legislation varies slightly between states and territories within Australia. If you have an existing pool, requirements for pool fencing may differ dependent on when the pool was installed.

Ensure you call your local council or building authority before installing your new Everton pool fence to ensure that it complies with any local by-laws, which vary from region to region.

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