Top 6 ways to refresh your pool area

The weather’s heating up, with summer just around the corner. You know what that means – time to bring your pool game up to scratch, and we’re not talking about billiards. Check out our top tips for revitalising your pool area.

  1. Creative lighting
    For many homeowners, the pool area is their pride and joy – the centrepiece of the backyard. Why not treat it that way, and illuminate your swimming area for those long hot summer nights? There are a range of options to play with, including fairy lights, fibre optics, floating lamps, wall attachments, oil lanterns and more. Let there be light!*
  2. Outdoor furniture
    Umbrellas, pot plants, gazebos, lounge chairs, table settings, bean bags or a BBQ; depending on the mood and atmosphere you’re trying to create, there are a wide range of outdoor furniture options at your fingertips. Be careful in regard to where you place them around the yard though, as regulations mean you can’t have any climbable objects within a certain distance of your pool fence. Take a look at out our pool safety checklist for more detailed information.
  3. Wash your pool fence
    This is a simple one that can really transform the look of your pool. We recommend cleaning your fence once a month, but it can be tough to find motivation in the winter period. Luckily, it’s an easy job. Work up a nice lather on the glass using a mild detergent, and simply spray it off after 5 minutes with the garden hose. While you’re at it, take a moment to check your screws, bolts and nuts to ensure that everything’s tight and secure.
  4. Consider separating your pool coping colour
    Installing a separate colour border around the rim of an in-ground pool not only visually marks out the area in a stylish fashion, but it also highlights the whole feature area by helping to catch the eye. Coping and borders can be finished in a variety of materials, colours and fashions. They can help out in a functional capacity too, offering a safe, non-slip entry point for pool users.
  5. Shade cover
    The pool area’s all about cooling off, and there’s no better way to handle the harsh Australian sun than by relaxing in the shade after a well-deserved dip. A shade cloth structure or shade sail can help you stay cool in more ways than one, with an array of stylish designs and colours to choose from. Plus, depending on how you end up positioning your piece, it can help to protect the water from leaves, sticks and other annoying debris.

Acacia Umbrella

  1. Greenery and landscaping
    Your pool is your own personal slice of paradise, so go ahead and complete the fantasy: tropical palms, lush leafy greens, elegant hedges and rock formations – whatever works for you. Inserting stone beds near the pool fence is a statement look that’s very much in vogue and easy to maintain. And while we’re on the topic of simple maintenance, consider taking a look into synthetic grass for lining certain places around your pool area. It’ll give you a lovely green lawn without the need for a green thumb, and it’s the perfect solution for high-traffic areas where regular grass can be trampled into a muddy sludge.

*Always consult and employ a licensed electrician when installing or considering any hardwired lighting.