Safety tips for gates and posts

Safety tips for gates and posts

Proper installation of our products means your pool fencing will comply with Australian standards. Here are some tips for correctly installing gates and posts.


As the entry point to your pool area, there are some important things to consider when mounting your pool fence gate:

  • The gate latch must be mounted in the pool side of the gate.
  • All gates must swing outwards away from the pool.
  • Gates must be fitted with self-closing hinge and latch.
  • Any objects that may be used for minors to climb within reach of the gate must be removed from the pool area.


To meet compliance, posts must be installed according to the instructions provided with your Everton product.

Here are some important safety considerations:

  • All posts must be installed on a secure solid reinforced surface; for example, concrete or timber (do not fix to loose pavers).
  • Silicone must be applied to the posts after glazing blocks have secured the glass against the post (the exception is the mini post system, which does not require silicone).
  • Always use rubber glazing blocks between glass and post.
  • All post caps must be installed when provided and these cannot be climbable.

Additional resources

Life Saving Victoria’s Home Pool Safety Assessment Tool can help you assess the safety compliance of your home pool against the Australian Standard.
Spa & Pool Association
Please refer to your local council for specific requirements