How to safely handle glass panels

How to safely handle glass panels

We pride ourselves on safety and provide the assurance that all Everton products meet or exceed Australian Standards.

When handling Everton glass we recommend the following for best safety:

  • Our panels can weigh more than 40kg and require a two-person lift.
  • Gloves should be worn at all times.
  • The preferred installation option is to use Everton suction caps.
  • Safe footwear, such as work boots, should be worn while handling glass.
  • Avoid making any hard, sudden contact with the edges or corners of the glass.

Toughened Safety Glass

Everton uses toughened safety glass for all its glass panels. Here are facts about safety glass:

  • Safety glass is formed through heat treatment to increase toughness making it four to five times stronger than standard glass.
  • When broken, the glass shatters into small pieces as opposed to knife-like shards, making it far safer to handle and less likely to cause serious injury.
  • The edges of the safety glass are the most sensitive and we recommend always using safety blocks to protect the edges of the glass.
  • Safety glass cannot be cut to shape like regular glass.

Watch the video:

A short video that helps explain the properties and behavior of toughened glass under various testing conditions.


Additional resources

  • Life Saving Victoria’s Home Pool Safety Assessment Tool can help you assess the safety compliance of your home pool against the Australian Standard.
  • Spa & Pool Association
  • Please refer to your local council for specific requirements