7 pre-installation pointers for installing the perfect pool fence

7 pre-installation pointers for installing the perfect pool fence

Getting ready to install a pool fence or balustrade? Try these handy tips to ensure you’re fully prepared before you start.

  1. Power Up

    Try to get familiar with the basics of power tools before you start. Specifically, you’ll need to be comfortable using both a drill and an impact driver. An impact driver is similar to a drill, but it’s designed for driving in screws.

  2. Get a helping hand

    Grab a friend to help you out. Our largest glass panel weighs around 50kg, so you shouldn't be lifting on your own.

  3. Safety first

    Make sure you follow safe lifting techniques. Some general rules include keeping your body as close to the load as possible; being careful to bend your knees, never your back; and getting a really good grip before moving anything. Also, consider glass vacuum lifters to assist, as glass can be awkward to carry.

  4. Wood will help

    Grab some timber blocks or old towels so you can rest glass panels on a softer surface. If you put them on bricks or concrete, there’s a chance you might scratch or chip the glass, which may result in glass breakage.

  5. Gear up

    Prepare your safety equipment. We recommend steel cap boots, eye protection, gloves and a long sleeved jumper or top. For more specific safety information, see our Pool Fencing Safety Checklist

  6. Affix it now, so you don’t have to fix it later

    If you’re using a semi-frameless post system, don't forget to grab some silicon so that you can securely and firmly fix your panels in place


Glass Balustrade

Expert advice

If you’re installing a balustrade, consult a builder or engineer first to get a sense whether the substrate or surface you’re fixing to is suitable. This will ensure your project is safe and secure form the very start.

When you are ready to install your pool fence, check out this video as a guide to get you started.