Pool fencing safety and regulations

Pool fencing safety and regulations

We pride ourselves in providing safe and reliable products to ensure your pool fence not only looks great but that it also complies with the following Australian Standards.

Pool Fencing Regulations

When installed correctly, Everton’s range of pool fences comply with the strict requirements of the relevant Australian Standards listed below: 

  • AS 1926.1-2012 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pool
  • AS 2208-2006 Safety glazing materials in buildings

Compliance Certificates

To apply for a Compliance Certificate you must provide your name, address of installation, system installed and proof of purchase.

All Compliance Certificates are issued upon application to [email protected]

All swimming pools and spas on residential properties with a depth greater than 300mm are required to be surrounded by a safety barrier, that is, a pool fence.

Complying to Australian Standards

For your pool fencing to comply to Australian Standards, it must meet the following criteria:

  • All pool fencing must be a minimum of 1200mm high.
  • Any gaps must be less than 100mm. A good way to test this is to use a block measuring 100mm – if the block can be forced through the fence won’t meet compliance requirements.
  • The top of the fence must be 900mm away from any climbable object outside the fence.
  • Gates must swing away from the pool and be self-closing.
  • The gate latch must be mounted pool side.

For further information, visit www.standards.com.au and your local council website to make sure your pool fence complies and local requirements have been met.

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