How to use the Everton pool fencing/balustrading calculator tool

How to use the Everton pool fencing/balustrading calculator tool

Looking to enhance your personal slice of paradise by adding a new pool fence or balustrade? Our handy calculator tool eliminates all of the guess work by providing you with a list of required materials and a cost estimate for the job. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into your next D.I.Y project!

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Using the calculator tool, select your desired fence or balustrade system, input the number of sides you need, and enter the total length of each of those sides.

Nominate where you’d like to install your gate, and in seconds, you’ll have a detailed outline of the job at hand.

The calculator tool will give you a complete overview of the layout of your project including:

  •  A list of all the components you need to successfully install your fence or balustrade system
  •  An estimate of the overall cost of the materials

You’ll also get a list of items that might be useful throughout the installation process, like support blocks, clamps, or any other tools that could come in handy.

Once you’ve got the estimate and overview, simply print it out or email it to yourself and away you go. Head to the local Bunnings to pick up the required materials, grab a friend to help with installation, and you can be done by the end of a weekend.

Try it out now, or watch the instructional video above for more information.