How much does glass pool fencing cost?

How much does glass pool fencing cost?

Everton D.I.Y. glass fencing is the cost-effective way to create a safe and stylish fence for your pool. Take the time to carefully prepare for the job, and you can save a lot of money on the installation costs fees that come with a professional contractor. But how much will your D.I.Y. glass pool fencing project actually cost?

The simple answer is – it depends. But we’re here to help!

At Everton, we’ve got a range of handy resources to help you get a feel for the potential cost of a project.

Calculating project costs.

The easiest and fastest way to get a quote for your D.I.Y. pool fence is to use our handy calculator tool. It’s a useful application that eliminates guess work and helps you prepare for any fencing project. The calculator is easy to use and provides a full list of the required materials, as well as a cost estimate for your specific job. With the Everton D.I.Y. calculator, you won’t have to wait for a professional to show up, pay them for their visit, or even talk through what you’re looking for.

All you need to do is select the style of pool fencing system you’re after, input the number of sides needed, and enter the total length of each of those sides.

Nominate the side you’d like to install your entrance gate on, and you’ve got yourself a detailed cost-estimate of the job at hand. Free, easy, and completely comprehensive.

Now print it out as a shopping list and head into your local Bunnings, and you’re ready to get the project underway.

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What materials are involved?

Depending on the style of fencing system that you choose, there are usually a few key elements to any glass pool fence project. Those are:

  • Support posts or spigots
    These are the components that will hold your glass panels and keep them securely in place. They’re usually core-drilled or bolted into the surface structure.
  • Glass fencing panels
    The main ‘fence’ part of your pool fence. Glass panels are a great option because they provide comprehensive safety and security (with no holes or slats for kids to potentially squeeze through), while offering full, clear views of your pool or spa area.
  • Gate panels
    Gate panels provide the entrance to your pool. They will usually have holes or cut outs that set them apart from standard fencing panels.
  • Gate latches & hinges
    These components help fix the gate to the fencing system and ensure it closes securely.
  • Gate posts
    Gate panels must be attached to purpose designed gate posts or gate hinge panels.

As a general rule of thumb*, glass fencing will cost between $115 and $244 per linear metre. However, this will depend on the style and specific requirements of your project. Our glass fencing panels come in a range of different widths, so you can choose the size that best suits your project dimensions.

Got your cost and components? Let's go!

Once you’ve picked up all the necessary components of your glass pool fencing project, you’re ready for D.I.Y. installation. If you thought our calculator tool was handy, you’ll love our wide range of step-by-step instructional videos.

Check out the Everton D.I.Y. Hub for more info!

*Prices are indicative quotes based on general RRP. For more specific information, visit your local Bunnings in-store.