Toughened glass: what you need to know

Toughened glass: what you need to know

Everton toughened glass is manufactured to comply with Australian Standards. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they comply with the Standard and can be sold in Australia.

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A short video that helps explain the properties and behavior of toughened glass under various testing conditions.

We understand some customers may still have questions about our toughened glass, and we’ve aimed to provide you with additional information here.

What is toughened glass?

Everton glass products are made of toughened glass, which means it is four to five times stronger than regular window glass. That said, it is still a fragile glass product and breakages can occur. Breakages typically occur as a result of damage or stress to the glass edge or surface, usually during handling or installation. Damage or stress can weaken the glass that could then manifest as a breakage at a later point in time.

In the unlikely event of a breakage, toughened glass is engineered and designed to break completely and into small fragments, which are less likely to cause injury. It does not break into sharp shards like standard window glass.

What is the Australian Standard?

Everton toughened glass products meet the Australian Standard AS/NZS2208 and are classified as “Grade A Toughened Safety Glass”.

The Australian Standard is important to us. To achieve it, an independent global certification body assesses the factory where Everton toughened glass is manufactured. We are then supplied with a certification stating that the products conform to the standard. The standard involves testing for glass thickness, squareness, flatness and fragmentation test particle counts, among other measures.

In addition to receiving a certification that the factory is producing Everton glass to comply with the Australian Standard, we engage a local NATA accredited third party test laboratory in Australia to conduct further testing after it has arrived into our warehouse. This laboratory carry out the same tests that further validate compliance of Everton toughened glass to the Australian Standard.

What’s the process for meeting the Australian Standard?

Achieving the Australian Standard for “Grade A Toughened Safety Glass” involves fragmentation testing.

The fragmentation test looks at the number of particles per square 50mm side of toughened glass. A sample of the glass is tested to see whether it meets the required standard for Grade A safety glazing materials.

In order for Everton glass to meet the Australian Standard, samples of our products are tested at every hour during the production process. Our supplier keeps records including images of the fragmentation tests, batch numbers and details for 10 years to ensure our products consistently conform to the Standard.

A NATA accredited laboratory also tests samples of our toughened glass in Australia. It conducts fragmentation tests and provides reports. Both these activities ensure Everton toughened glass conforms to the standard.

What precautions should I take when handling or installing toughened safety glass?

Due to the weight and the nature of the glass panels we always recommend a two-person lift when moving glass panels. When moving and storing the glass it is crucial that the edges never make contact with hard surfaces such as concrete and tiles.

Always wear personal protective equipment during handling and installation – Everton recommend safety glasses, non-slip gloves, safety boots and full cover clothing.

Prior to installation, please refer to the article on glass safety on this website.

What are the key things you need to know when handling toughened glass panels?

  1. DO NOT rest or place the glass panels on hard surfaces, such as tiles, concrete, other glass panels and metal surfaces.
  2. DO NOT attempt to cut, drill or grind the glass panel in any way.
  3. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or powders to clean the glass panels.
  4. DO NOT use any acidic or caustic silicone or chemicals on any part of the assembly.
  5. DO NOT impact or scratch the glass panels with any sharp metallic object or tool.
  6. DO NOT knock one glass panel against another glass panel. Take special care to avoid any impact during the installation.
  7. DO NOT install the glass panels by yourself. We recommend a minimum of two people to lift the glass as the panels are heavy and doing so may result in injury.
  8. DO NOT rest the edge of the panel directly on any hard surfaces during installation. Always cushion the edges with cardboard, soft timber or rubber mat.

If you have any further concerns or questions about Everton toughened glass, please feel free to give us a call on 1800-331-521, or contact us through the website.