How to care for your pool fence or balustrade

How to care for your pool fence or balustrade

By properly preparing your pool and balustrade fencing, you can reduce your maintenance time by up to 90%. Here are 10 tips to maintain integrity of your pool fencing or balustrading and keep it looking like new.

10 Tips to Maintain your Everton Product

  1. Make sure you inspect and re-tighten your structures regularly and as required. Weather conditions can alter the structure causing it to move or rot. This can affect the integrity of the fence.
  2. Check that the glass is siliconed and secured to posts.
  3. Check posts are fixed correctly to ensure a safe structure. Ensure correct fixings are used and that they are tightened periodically so they are not compromised.
  4. Regularly check for rust or corrosion.
  5. Make sure the glass is not broken or cracked and replace panels if necessary.
  6. Check for correct functioning of your gate, ensuring that the self close mechanism operates effectively. Adjust the tension of the spring return on the hinges if necessary.
  7. Check the height from adjacent floor to ensure safety compliance.
  8. Clean Everton glass panels regularly with water and a mild detergent using a microfibre cloth.
  9. For best results, clean the glass in the shade to avoid streaking.

Glass Balustrade

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