Blown the budget installing a pool? Save money with DIY glass fencing

Blown the budget installing a pool? Save money with DIY glass fencing

So what do you do if you’ve blown the budget, but you still want a stylish and cost-effective solution to finish your build? The answer is DIY glass pool fencing. Here’s why.

Pools can be a great investment. They can contribute to the value of a house, they look fantastic, and they offer a huge range of personal and social benefits too.
However, pools can also be expensive to install. In many cases, there can be unexpected and unforeseen costs throughout the project.

It’s pretty easy to forget about budgeting for a pool fence when you’re excited about the prospect of a brand new pool, but stringent pool safety measures mean you’re legally required to install a high-quality pool fence before you can add water.

Get a crystal clear picture of what’s involved

Whether you’re installing a pool yourself or with professional help, projects can run over budget because it can be hard to accurately scope out all of the variables at play.

If you are worried about the cost of your pool fence, you can get a crystal clear insight into your perfect DIY pool fencing solution right now.

With our calculator tool, you can have a quote for your specific pool fencing job in seconds, without someone coming out to measure and give you the hard sell. Simply enter all the relevant details for your project – including how many sides are needed, the length of each side, your choice of glass fencing solution, and where you want a gate – and you can source an accurate and convenient quote from your computer, phone or mobile device.

When you DIY, there are no added fees or hassles associated with professional installation and quoting.

Even if you’ve got an atypical or challenging project, for example, with more than four sides, a sloping angle, or mixed surfaces, you can contact us directly for a quote.  

You can have a stylish fencing solution for a fraction of your overall project budget

Pool fences are essential for safety and legal compliance, but they can also play a huge role in the overall aesthetic look and feel of your completed swimming area: take a look and see the proof for yourself.

Depending on your needs, you can typically purchase everything you need to install a stylish DIY pool fence for just a few thousand dollars.

Check out the Everton calculator now to source a tailored quote for your stylish, easy-to-install and affordable pool fence. 

And then? Get prepared to take the plunge

Once you've decided on the perfect pool fencing system and calculated a specific quote for your project, you’re ready to get the DIY installation process underway.

Simply click the middle button to the right of this article – or the Bunnings logo next to the ‘search’ field at the top of this page – to access the Bunnings website and find your nearest location.

And, if you’re looking for some extras reading before you start installing, take a look at our seven pre-installation pointers for installing the perfect pool fence. 

Good luck!