Watch Everton featured on Better Homes and Gardens

Watch Everton featured on Better Homes and Gardens

If you tuned into Better Homes and Gardens this February, you might have caught us on the program. Our fully frameless mini post pool fencing system featured in a backyard makeover that transformed the area.

A combination of safety and style

At Everton, we aim to provide pool fences that strike a balance between aesthetics and access. Ensuring that your pool fence looks great is important, but safe access to the area is paramount. 

In this segment by Better Homes and Gardens, Everton was the featured product that provides this combination –  our fully frameless mini post system in stainless steel. 

It is a popular choice due to its simple design and ease in which it fits into a variety of outdoor spaces. Its seamless finish means that it blends in regardless of your backyard décor or pool design. 

The mini post fencing system is also available in aluminium, and has surface mount, core-drilled and deck mount options.

The episode focused on replacing an old pool fence with a new glass pool fence system.

Despite being structurally sound, the previous pool fence was being replaced due to its dated style and presence. The use of the wire fencing kept the pool area enclosed physically and visually — separating it from the garden area.

The project showcased the backyard before and after, and provided handy tips on getting the most out of your pool fence.

Watch the episode here.

Safety considerations

While pool fences can be stylish, they are first and foremost, an important safety feature in your backyard. There are several ways that this episode emphasises different safety precautions you can take when installing your own pool fence.

This is showcased when the old fence was kept up as the new fence was installed around it, as it is important that there is a fence surrounding the pool at all times. This is to ensure that if you need to take a break from installation, there is always a fence to protect others from accessing the pool area when unattended.

It is also outlined during the episode that the minimum height required for a pool fence is 1200mm. It’s important to note that pool fencing regulations vary depending on where you live — so ensure that when you are installing your pool fence, you consider the local laws and safety recommendations.

Another point to consider is that a pool gate should be self-closing. This is to ensure that anyone entering or leaving the pool area does not expose a gap in the fencing, as the door will close automatically.

Got plants?

  • The plants you choose should be able to handle direct heat and sunlight. The reflection of the pool also causes additional light and glare – so plants with drought resistant properties work best.
  • Select tough, hardy plants as they need to be able to weather the occasional rough and tumble from pool toys or pets.
  • Make sure that the plants you select are low to the ground, so you will be able to see through your pool fence and into the backyard.

A seamless result

By incorporating a glass pool fence, the Better Homes and Gardens team aimed to bring the pool back into the garden, and the garden into the pool.

Everton was selected for this makeover due to the quality and affordability of our products. Our fully frameless mini post system is made from quality stainless steel, and is backed by our 20-year warranty.

The finished product created a space that was open, seamless and sophisticated. The look worked well and allowed the entire garden to shine. By incorporating a safety into your pool fence design, you ensure security and protection for your family. 

We aim to provide products that are affordable and easy to install yourself — saving you the hassle of paying for a professional installer or glazier.

If you’d like additional help with installing your glass pool fence system, check out our article on pre-installation pointers.

For more information on your Everton pool fence, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our website.