10 surprise benefits of swimming pools

10 surprise benefits of swimming pools

Have you ever thought about the fact that a pool could be saving you money, making you money, or helping you get a better night's sleep? We have. That's why we're pointing out these surprise benefits of owning a swimming pool!

Pools are great for some pretty obvious reasons. When the heat of summer gets too much to handle, there's nothing better than walking out and jumping straight into your own personal oasis.

Pools look fantastic too, providing a gorgeous centrepiece for any backyard, especially if you install an Everton Glass pool fence. But there are far more benefits than meet the eye:

1. They can be great for your metal health.

There’s a lot of research to suggest that simply being around a large body of water may help you to relax and relieve stress. Once you jump in, the benefits are even greater. Just a couple of relaxed laps may release endorphins that increase feelings of wellbeing. Swimming also encourages the same physiological relax response as yoga and stretching exercises. And when you’re done? Hop out and rest easy: there’s no better way to unwind than laying by the water.

2. They encourage more family time.

Pools offer something for everyone – the kids can splash about and play games while you read or just relax close by. And, until all phones, TVs and electronic gaming consoles become completely water-proof, you can be sure that all family time spent in the pool will be quality time: free from distractions  and electronic devices.

3. And more time with friends.

The same applies for your friends! Pools offer a great excuse for making a splash on the social scene, with very little work involved to get an event together. Throw out the invite for a pool party and get some food for the BBQ, and you’re well on the way to a fantastic afternoon’s worth of summer fun.

4. They promote a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you realise you’re exercising or not, splashing around in the backyard can definitely help you keep in shape. Swimming (or any kind of moving around in water) is widely regarded as one of the best exercises you can do. It works all of the core muscle groups and provides a great cardiovascular workout, while being gentle on your joints, unlike running or gym work. Go on, sneak a bit of fun into your fitness!

5. You can create a ‘staycation’.

Ahhh, relaxing by the pool in a gorgeous leafy oasis, with no one to bother you, and nothing between you and peaceful, relaxing bliss. Maybe you’ve paid to fly somewhere exotic, some distant beachside paradise. Or, maybe you’re poolside, in your very own backyard. Create a holiday in your own home and you’ll save on the significant expenses that come with frequently taking long distance trips!

6. They can improve the value of your house.

And what if you ever do decide to leave on the trip of a lifetime? Or just a trip to a new suburb? Well, pools have long been known to increase a property’s re-sale value. Real estate trends show that the demand for pools remains high, even while overall property sizes continue to decrease. A pool will generally heighten the level of inquiry for a property, which can then assist in pushing the value up.

7. They can improve sleeping patterns.

The post-swim snooze is a thing of beauty. The combination of an extensive full body work-out and the relaxing, therapeutic properties of swimming make for ideal sleeping conditions. This could be a particularly handy benefit for parents to be mindful of, especially when kids are having trouble getting to bed on those balmy summer evenings.

8. They allow for bragging rights.

When you combine all of the benefits of owning the pool, what have you got? An easy way to stay in great physical shape. A fantastic centrepiece that instantly improves the look of any backyard. A great way to keep the kids happy and healthy at home. And, most importantly, an excuse to get all of your friends and family around, to show it all off!

9. They teach kids to swim from a young age.

We’ve got a proud history of Olympic swimmers in Australia, and we plan on keeping it that way! Time in the pool promotes general exercise, and it especially helps kids become stronger swimmers, earlier. With a pool in the backyard, there’s a greater chance that your house could be home of the next Kieran Perkins, Thorpedo, Libby Trickett or Liesel Jones!

10. They make for more rewarding use of land.

If you’ve ever had to deal with the effects of a water shortage over summer – and seen the impact it can have on a once-green garden – then you’ll know that the effects can leave land looking less than ideal. If you’re constantly battling to keep turf alive throughout the year, why not consider tearing it up for good and installing a pool? Take a look through out inspiration gallery to see how a pool can completely revitalise a home. Plus, with a pool in the backyard you’ve got access to every benefit we mentioned above – and more!