About Us

Everton is a trademark of Protector Premium.

We believe that your pool should look like it belongs on the cover of Vogue Living. Everton's five easy-to-install, modern glass pool fencing systems ensure there's a choice for every budget and every installation requirement.

The quality and function of our products is comparable to professionally installed fencing systems. With both Fully Frameless and Semi Frameless Systems in the mix, there's a style to suit every preference.

To continue the stylish look throughout your home, Everton glass balustrading is available in Fully Frameless and Semi Frameless styles. Each is designed to comply with the latest safety and building regulations. As with our pool fencing range, our balustrading systems are intended for easy self-installation.

We work hard to make your planning process simple and enjoyable. View our image gallery for inspiration and try the calculator tool to select your preferred system, draw up your fence or balustrade and work out your price. Once you know which components you need, visit our installation and trouble-shooting guides to ensure you get all the right information before installing.

Not to lose sight of safety over style, each Everton system complies with the relevant Safety Standards and Government Regulations, and all feature components designed for maximum strength and durability over the life of your fence or balustrade.

Everton products are readily available through your local Bunnings Warehouse.

Everton operates as a retail brand under parent company Protector Premium.